About Nick – Page

Nick Esposito is a VTR operator who is also an expert in After Effects. He’s a Visual Effects Supervisor and designer, a Post Production Supervisor.

With nearly two decades in the commercial and film industry Nick brings technical understanding, sensitivity to the nuances of the commercial world and physical ability to the job.

On set he and his custom kit is reliable and efficient and when a custom design is needed he delivers innovative solutions to achieve the creative or practical needs.

Video Assist is about using innovative tools to save shooting time and production money. Nick and his kit are your proven partner in this goal.

Nick started in production in NYC around 1996. He began working as a VTR operator around 2006. In addition to working as a VTR operator he is also a partner in Backseat Conceptions a production services company founded in 2003. As a designer and engineer he’s had many¬†accomplishments including: