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Basic Playback Package

VTR_Diagram_vE_cropThe basic playback package is a video cart with engineering on one side and a monitor array on the other and one client monitor on a rolling stand. It is a compact and powerful video assist package designed to work in most environments. Playback and live video is fed to the directors monitor, the monitor array on the cart and the client monitor. The basic package is set up for 250′ of cable run between each station.

Included in the Basic Playback Package

  • Full HD Playback and live video with audio on playback only
  • Input from SDI or HDMI
  • Calibrated 21.5″ SDI monitor
  • BMD Smatview Duo 2×7″ SDI monitor
  • 2x Dynamic Viewing Angle framing / reference 19″ HDMI monitors
  • 37″ Client Monitor on rolling stand
  • Independent audio routing for loud audio playback
  • Option for wired headset for live playback
  • Solid state full HD playback device with SDI switcher, DAs and 10 SDI / HDMI outputs to serve any monitor configuration.
  • 800’+ of cabling and a wireless video sender enabling a healthy separation between the cart, the director, the client and set.
  • HD over Wired LAN device to send live/playback video anywhere a network is wired in a building.
  • Sunshades and emergency rain covers for all equipment.
  • All contained on one cart, one rolling stand and one aux cart for easy transport.


Add-Ons to the Video Package:

CPU Playback Kit:

When more than simple playback is required we have an additional module with a Mac Computer & Blackmagic UltraStudio I/O for enhanced capabilities such as:

  • Uncompressed Video Capture
  • Live Compositing with Previs or other provided assets
  • Playlist Video Playback
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • Still Frame Capture
  • On Site After Effects and/or editing
  • On Site Grading / Coloring
  • Internet Streaming of live footage
  • Sharing shot footage wirelessly on set via a computer network

Multi Camera Module:

With additional equipment the basic package can display up to 4 Cameras live and playback. The cost for this is the added engineering equipment and monitors.

Full Quality Video Capture:

With added time and attention the basic kit can capture high quality video files that have two primary uses:

  •  Master Recording
    Many professional cameras export a higher quality image than they record. With our kit we can capture high quality Quicktime ProRes files from the SDI or HDMI output of Supported Cameras. This increases the quality of the end product and is essential for film and visual effects work done with these cameras.
  • Instant Dailies
    You can use this method to make Quicktime “dailies” from RED family cameras instantly without transcoding. The files will have the same names and durations as the actual footage so they can be used in an offline edit and seamlessly replaced with the original files for the online. Or they can simply be used as dailies.

Wireless Transmitters:

Wireless video is a revolutionary tool that can be a great asset but there are many different pieces of equipment that range in cost and quality. We’ll help select the appropriate item for your needs and deploy them to greatest effect. We have special rigging equipment in our video package to mount the wireless systems in the best way. The wireless systems we recommend can be lumped into two groups:

  • Short Distance Wireless
    Less than 300′ of range
  • Long Distance Wireless
    Less than 3000′ of range

Photo Printer:

Just like 1994 we can print and paste still frames if you desire.

Battery Powered and In-Van Solutions:

We can reconfigure the video package make it totally battery powered, very small and highly mobile. We are also capable of installing the package in a van or other vehicle.

Audio Mixing & Capture:

For certain jobs where the configuration or budget does not allow or require a full audio team we can add an Audio Kit to the video package to record master quality audio. The Audio Kit includes:

  •  4x Wireless Lavaliere /Transmitter / Receiver Kits
  • Shotgun & handheld mics with wireless buttplug
  • Solid State Audio Recorder with 4 channels of independent recordings as high quality Wav files.
  • A stereo submix “scratch track” of the audio is recorded onto the video files.

Live Wireless Headsets:

We can provide Wireless headsets for live monitoring of the program audio.

Additional Video Engineering Items:

Media Management / DIT Kit:

A rugged enclosure with a storage array, MAC and Ultra Studio Display adaptor for downloading, backing-up, previewing and coloring footage on set. This kit is not for live monitoring or instant playback.

Production RV / Video Bus:

Backseat Conceptions Bus is a full sized school bus professionally converted to a production RV. The Main cabin seats 8-10 and is a mobile video village with private bathroom, food service area and other production services.

Video Services for Live Broadcasts

Live Editing:

For live music, sports events, festivals, competitions, etc. We can set up real-time edits of events with graphics to broadcast live while retaining the original feeds from each camera for touch-up edits later. You can provide the director or we can provide an experienced one.

We can also help produce the event with our production company Backseat Conceptions.