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Video Assist / VTR Crew & Equipment

Video Assist / VTR services for commercials and film on the East Coast.

nick_01VTR Operator
Nick Esposito

Nick is a non-union Video Assist Operator. He works in NYC & Philadelphia as a local and also serves: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas.

Nick and his VTR Package are reliable and fun to work with.

The basic VTR package has everything that is required for most jobs. If a job has more exciting technical requirements we can happily accommodate those with add-on equipment and services some of which are listed on this page.

About Nick

Nick Esposito is a VTR operator who is also an expert in After Effects. He has worked as a media manager and  post production supervisor. He is currently working on expanding his credits as a visual effects supervisor and designer.

With nearly two decades in the commercial and film industry Nick brings technical understanding, sensitivity to the nuances of the commercial world and physical ability to the job.

On set he and his kit are reliable and efficient and when a custom solution is needed he uses innovative methods to solve problems.

Video Assist is a tool to make your shooting team more efficient, increase the quality of your product and create an impressive atmosphere on set. You can rely on Nick to achieve these goals for your production.

More About Nick

Nick started in production in NYC around 1996. He began working as a VTR operator around 2006. In addition to working as a VTR operator he is also a partner in Backseat Conceptions a production services company founded in 2003. Outside of his work as a VTR operator he’s had many accomplishments as a designer and engineer.